About Us

The moment you enter Grandma’s House Childcare Center, you will see what makes us so special. In fact, we believe that “when Mom and Dad are busy, there’s no better place to be!”

  • Apollo location: Longest hours in the area 5am – 7pm
  • Upper Burrell location: Open when you need us!
  • Highly qualified staff
  • State of the art security
  • Large open rooms
  • Plenty of play space
  • Educationally based curriculum
  • Hot meals and healthy snacks
  • Affordable personalized care
  • Multiple child discounts
  • Option of no contracted days
  • Transportation available to Apollo-Ridge, Burrell, and Kiski Area Schools
  • Keystone Starts participant
  • Licensed by the PA DPW
  • CCIS accepted

Infant room

The infant room is primarily for children ages 6 weeks – 1 year. Infants follow their own personalized schedules (meal times, naptimes, etc.) designed by their parents. The number one priority for the teachers in the infant room is to make sure that each infant gets the one-on-one interaction, love, and attention needed for them to develop to the fullest!

Every infant has his/her own crib and will nap as directed by his/her parents.

Grandma’s House provides formula, baby food, and infant cereal that parents may choose to use. You may, however, choose to bring your own if you prefer a different brand.

Each day infants are read and sung to, held, rocked, played with, and as they get older, they even participate in their own little circle time with songs and hand motions!

Infant teachers keep a “communication sheet” for each infant showing what and when he/she ate, when they slept, when their diapers were changed, any supplies that are needed, etc. This sheet will be handed to you daily when you pick up your child.

Toddler room

When children are ready, they move from the infant room to the toddler room. Many developmental transitions begin in this room. Children will begin to follow a more structured and educationally-based schedule. Many children will begin “potty training” at the request of their parents. New foods and activities will be introduced, and children will be given more time to interact with their peers.

Activity Time

In the Toddler Room, your child will now be officially involved in Activity Time from 8:30AM-11:00AM. Activity Time includes:

  • Circle time
  • Songs
  • Nursery rhymes
  • Alphabet
  • Counting
  • Color and shape identification
  • Story time
  • Arts and crafts
  • Fine motor development activities such as building blocks, legos, play-dough, coloring, drawing, painting, etc.
  • Physical activity/large motor development activities including outdoor and gym play, dancing, games, etc.
  • Practicing good behavior, sharing, and manners
  • Preparation for for the Early Learners class

See the toddlers’ weekly lesson which is posted by the sign-in table to view what your child will be working on each week.

Meal Time

Toddlers will now eat at our regularly scheduled meal and snack times. Our menu is posted by the sign-in table. Your child will also begin to transition from the highchair table used in the infant room to a child-size table with chairs. We do, however, have highchairs in the toddler room for our younger toddlers and to help make the transition from highchair to chair.


Your child will now be napping during our scheduled naptime, which is between 11:45AM and 2:00PM. The exact time that each individual child sleeps will vary, and the remaining time will be spent either resting on their cot or in the “Quiet Area” with books and soft toys. Most toddlers will now sleep on cots. Cribs are available for the toddler room if you do not feel your chld is ready to sleep on a cot. However, most children want to be “like the big kids” at this age. We will transition them from cribs to cots at your discretion. You may choose to provide different bedding, although a crib sheet fits perfectly over our cots, so you also may continue to use that! Some children prefer a pillow, especially since most of their friends have one, so you have the option of providing that as well! We will do the best we can to help your child transition to naptime hours and sleeping on cots. We will also be flexible with naptime hours. If a child is tired before or after naptime, we will allow them to rest as needed and will continue to help them adjust to the new routine.

Communication Sheets/Diapering/Pottying

You will notice that your child will now have a toddler/early learner communication sheet, which includes only one nap space as well as pull-ups and potty options. The toddler room contains a potty chair for our potty-trainers, and we will encourage our toddlers to use the potty as you inform us to do so. We are happy to continue potty training here at daycare as closely as possible to what you do at home. Please let us know when you begin potty training, what techniques you are using, and what techniques you would like us to use here. Please send in pull-ups or underpants for your child, and extra changes of clothes as accidents are bound to happen, and they tend to occur more often at daycare because it is a different and sometimes busier setting.

Early Learners

When children enter the early learners room, they start to follow a more educationally based schedule designed by our certified teachers.

Activity Time will include

  • Weekly themes
  • Writing numbers, letters, and shapes
  • Telling time
  • Days of the week
  • Weather
  • Identifying and counting money
  • Circle time
  • Songs
  • Nursery rhymes
  • Alphabet
  • Counting
  • Color and shape identification
  • Story time
  • Sharing and discussion, increasing social and emotional skills
  • Practicing good behavior and manners
  • Arts and crafts projects
  • Fine motor development through cutting with scissors, gluing, building blocks and legos, play-dough, coloring, painting, tracing, drawing, and writing
  • Physical activity/large motor development activities through outdoor and gym play, dancing, games, etc.
  • Preparation for Kindergarten

See the Early Learners’ weekly lesson posted by the sign in table to view what your child will be working on each week.

Restroom Breaks

Early learners take regular restroom breaks, and we encourage them to use the “big potties” in the restroom and at least try to potty while we are there. (The Early Learners’ room does contain a potty chair, but we prefer to only use it for emergencies.) We will still, of course, take any child to the restroom as needed throughout the day in addition to our regularly scheduled breaks. We understand that all children potty train at their own speed, and your child does not have to be potty trained in order to move up to the Early Learners room, although it is preferred. The Early Learners’ room does not contain a changing table, but you may still provide diapers/pull-ups and wipes as needed until your child is fully potty trained, and we will change them in the Toddler classroom. We are happy to continue potty training in the Early Learners room, so feel free to let us know what techniques you would like us to use here.

School Age

School age children will have breakfast before catching the school bus, and will have an afternoon snack after school. These children also have the opportunity to participate in our Homework Club or tutoring program, so see Jackie if you would like details/information. These children will also have ample opportunity to get plenty of exercise in our gym or outdoors (weather permitting).

During the summer, we offer a School Age Summer Program for children who have at least completed Kindergarten. The school age teacher is a certified educator, and will combine learning with FUN all summer long! Please call for more details on our Summer Program.