What Makes Us Great?

At Grandma’s House we understand that parents would love to be with their children all of the time, but sometimes Mom and Dad are “busy”. During these times, every parent wants to know that their child is being cared for by loving adults in a safe, secure, stimulating environment that will feel like a home away from home, a place they will love like their own grandma’s house!

In fact, we believe that “when mom and dad are busy, there is no better place to be…”

Through the use of security controlled access doors incorporated with 24 hour video surveillance, parents can rest assured that their children are safe and secure. Hot meals and healthy snacks, lots of play space and plenty of attention by individual caregivers insure your child will have a wonderful experience every day.

Grandma’s childcare professionals are not only warm and caring, but they possess a variety of talents and skills!

Each employee is dedicated to providing a loving and nurturing environment tailored to fit the personality type and individual needs of each child.

With spacious rooms tailored to promote imagine and creativity, each child has the resources and ability to expand their imaginations.

Each room has an abundance of books, toys, art supplies, and musical instruments allowing activities that each child can enjoy. All of the childcare givers follow an educationally based curriculum that is developmentally appropriate for the children in their care.

We take pride in promoting an imaginative environment where children can develop their own ideas, without use of television.

At Grandma’s House we strive to meet all the needs of your child: physical, emotional, social and educational.